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If there is anything you want to be double sure about it will be the buying and selling of your house. Everything has to be just right and this also counts for the choice of your estate agent. Not only your common sense but also your feeling has to tell you that you engaged the right estate agent.The feeling of a good match starts at Dwars Estate Agency in Weert. A close-knit team of house agents and auxiliary workers to whom personal interest goes without saying and isn´t just an acquired trick. Professionals who understand your dreams and who know what needs to be done at such an important moment in your lives.

Five sworn estate agents and surveyors make up the strength of Dwars Estate Agency. Whether you need an expert to buy or sell a house, an assessment or any advice about real estate, there will always be a professional available who fits your situation. What´s more: with five estate agents who combine their networks within one office the chances of finding your right match will increase considerably. Dwars Estate Agency is familiar with the ins and outs of the real estate business. Our estate agents know their way around in the region, they know the rules of the game and are well aware of the pitfalls.

We keep educating ourselves. Because we want to become better and better we keep each other focussed, we share and increase our professional skills and we ask ourselves on a daily basis if we are on the right track for our clients. Together we make a difference. In other words: "you follow your heart and we´ll take care of the rest".

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